Implant Stabilized Dentures

Dentures on implants are most often full dentures in the lower jaw which are stabilized by 2 or 4 implants. These are topped with small metal balls that fit into the denture and allow you to easily remove them for cleaning.

Implant stabilized dentures may also be used for the upper jaw but this case is less common because the prosthesis’ palate usually stabilizes it sufficiently.

Benefits of having implant stabilized dentures

  • It is the most economical solution for dentures on implants;
  • You can eat most types of food (apples, bagels, etc.)
  • Increased denture stability improves chewing and digestion;
  • Durability and comfort are superior to conventional dentures;
  • Reduced bone loss and facial muscle atrophy due to the loss of teeth;
  • Improved pronunciation and greater confidence because the denture is securely attached;
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Do you need 2 or 4 implants?

The number of implants will depend on your anatomy and your goals. This must be discussed with your dentist.


With 2 implants

With 4 implants

Support of chewing pressure?

Mainly the gums

The implants

Bone loss and muscle atrophy?


Almost stopped

Denture stability?



Food restrictions?


Almost none


Better than traditional dentures

Very comfortable


  1. X-Ray and initial consultation;
  2. Selection and approval of treatment plan;
  3. Bone graft (only if required);
  4. Implant placement and temporary denture (if possible, we will temporarily use your denture);
  5. Follow-up appointments;
  6. Installation of the final dentures.

Bloc What is the best solution for you?

There are several other types of dentures using implants. Talk to your dentist to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each. We also invite you to visit our page on dental implants.